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Welcome to Eseriani Hotels & resort.

Welcome To Our Hotels

Eseriani Hotels and Resorts is a group of hotels located in Naivasha that offer you the choice you've been yearning for when it comes to hospitality.

On one hand, Eseriani Hotel is Hip contemporary and with the right amount of edge. A classy boutique hotel situated in Naivasha town, Rift Valley, Kenya. Whether as a business traveler, social traveler, family or for weekend spur of the moment getaway we are the perfect destination for you. Located in Niavasha town, next to Buffalo Mall, close to the Naivasha Nakuru interchange.

And for variety, we have Eseriani the Resort. And exempprary hotel that offers our clients affordable luxury. With a modern finish, and state of the art facilities, Eseriani Resort captures the true essence of style and class. From lovely manicured lawns and lush gardens to pool bar overlooking the cascading pool. The rooms with a modern minimalist finish as well as conference halls for your meetings.

Welcome to Eseriani Hotels and Resorts.

Welcome to Eseriani Hotels & Resorts

Affordable Luxury and a Touch of Boutique Hospitalilty in Naivasha

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